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Here is a representative sample of cool and captivating artwork that Jeff has created on commission for his private clients. Each piece retells a story for its owner... more than just lyrics, texture and color, each is a constant reminder of a special time and place.
What's Your Song?... Jeff would love to hear more.  Please note....some of these paintings are one-of-a-kind commissioned pieces, while some
are available in limited (giclee) editons. 


Newlyweds with commissioned painting of Lonestar's, "Amazed"

Original work of 'Barack Obama's Grant Park (Chicago) Speech', concieved and created, Jeff Montaigne

                                     "Imagine", by John Lennon

"This Is The Time", by Screaming Cheetah Wheelies                "Wouldn't It Be Nice", by the Beach Boys

"What A Wonderful World", by George Thiele                Lonestar's, "Amazed"

"You Shook Me All Night Long", AC/DC                        "Miracles", Jefferson Starship

"Surfer Girl", Beach Boys                                                    "You Are The Sunshine (Of My Life)", Stevie Wonder

"Meet The Mets"(NY Mets Theme Song)

Born to Run, (Close Up)

"Born To Run", Bruce Springsteen

"My Generation", The WHO





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