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Art of the Lyric Studio, LLC
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"Every single day I literally think of about 100 or so song lyrics that I want to paint"....then I think about the time it will take...."Ah, time...the greatest gift indeed....perhaps I should paint more of that instead"...

Jeff Montaigne - Founder & Artist

Jeff has a long history within the world of art. Through painting, drawings, sketches and sculpture, he has created many distinctive pieces for the individual collector and for the corporate marketplace. With over 25 years of art in his veins and heart, he recognizes that art is indeed a powerful vehicle, one that solicits an emotional connection.

Over the past decade, Jeff has been highly sought after to create these large and beautiful paintings that evoke a strong connection between the owner and the lyric. His larger artworks can be seen in the corporate marketplace, as well as in private homes and offices. 

In Jeff’s own words: “Whether I interpret your very own special wedding song, or create a gift for you to present to a loved one on a special occasion or holiday, I strive to create a work of art that is cool, visually captivating and emotionally meaningful to you.”






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